MAY 9, 2022 

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These high-profile endorsements from conservative leaders solidify Jarrod Lowery’s status as the most conservative and best qualified candidate in the race

PEMBROKE, N.C. — Conservative Republican leaders in Robeson County and across North Carolina have endorsed Jarrod Lowery for the Republican nomination for North Carolina House District 47 ahead of the Republican primary on May 17.

Jarrod Lowery’s list of endorsements include:

"No one has championed Robeson County's incredible people like Jarrod Lowery, and no one has a more exemplary record of service," Bishop said. "I am proud to endorse Jarrod for North Carolina House because I know he will be a fierce defender of life, law and order, the Lumbee people, and conservative principles."

As the U.S. House Representative for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, Dan Bishop has been attentive to the needs of Robeson County and of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina. One of Bishop’s first actions in congress was co-sponsoring legislation to afford full federal recognition to the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina. Prior to becoming a U.S. Representative, Bishop served in the North Carolina State Senate. 

“Dan has been a strong champion of Robeson County, the Lumbee Tribe, and of our conservative principles in congress,” Jarrod Lowery said. "Dan knows that I am the most conservative and best qualified candidate in this race, and I am honored to have his support.”

“We need a fighter in Raleigh,” Senator Danny Britt said. "As a former Marine, Jarrod Lowery will help me bring the fight to Raleigh for Robeson County.”

in 2017, Danny Britt made history becoming the first Republican to represent Robeson County in the State Senate since the Reconstruction Era. Senator Britt has been recognized as a champion of small businesses, educators, and rural communities in Robeson County. Sen. Britt represents the 13th District in the State Senate.

“Senator Britt has been a champion for Robeson County and rural North Carolina,” Jarrod Lowery said of Britt’s endorsement. “Having a united team fighting for Robeson County is going to make a difference.”

"When he [Jarrod Lowery] said he was going to run for the State House, I was excited; I was thrilled,” Speaker Moore said. “This guy gets it. He cares about his community, he cares about his county, and he cares about this state, and I’m looking forward to serving with Jarrod Lowery in the State House.”

Speaker Tim Moore is credited with being one of the most conservative Speakers of the House in North Carolina history, having delivered historic tax cuts for North Carolina families, earning the American Conservative Union’s top conservative ranking, and being named a “Jobs Champion” by the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce. Speaker Moore represents the 111th District in the State House.

“I’m so thankful to have the endorsement of Speaker Tim Moore,” Jarrod Lowery said. “I look forward to going to Raleigh and working with the Speaker to make North Carolina the best place to live, work, worship, and raise a family.”

"I’m proud to endorse Jarrod Lowery. With him in the legislature, we can solve the tough issues that not only face Robeson County, but all of North Carolina,” Saine said in his endorsement of Lowery.

Rep. Saine represents the 97th District in the State House, where he serves as the House Deputy Conference Chair and Chairman of the powerful House Appropriations Committee.

At the age of 22, Jake Johnson became one of the youngest elected officials in North Carolina history when he was elected to the Polk County Board of Commissioners. At the age of 25, Johnson became the youngest member of the North Carolina House of Representatives. Rep. Johnson represents the 113th District in the State house.

Dan Forest served as Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina from 2013 to 2021, the longest serving Republican Lieutenant Governor in North Carolina History and the only Republican Lieutenant Governor to be re-elected. As Lt. Governor, Dan Forest was a champion of school choice and conservative policies.

In 2021, John Cummings– a family farmer, small business owner, and veteran– made history becoming the first Native American Republican to serve on the Robeson County Board of Commissioners after unseating a 14-year Democratic incumbent by a slim margin in 2020. Commissioner Cummings represents the 3rd District on the Board of Commissioners.