DECEMBER 3, 2021 

CONTACT: Jarrod Lowery  |


PEMBROKE, N.C. — Today, Marine Veteran, former Lumbee Tribal Councilman, and Lifelong Conservative Jarrod Lowery announced his candidacy for North Carolina House District 47 as a Republican.

"I am excited to announce that I will be seeking the office of State Representative for District 47 in Robeson County in 2022," Lowery said.

"Robeson County is a special place, a collection of vibrant communities that we are all proud to call home. Like other rural communities across the state we have our struggles, but those challenges require leadership that will build bridges across lines that would otherwise divide us.

As your representative, I will take pride in fighting for every Robesonian. I will support pay raises for our educators and state employees every year, I will be committed to our farmers and small business owners because they are the heart of our economy, and I will never turn down an opportunity to get vital resources to our first responders who keep our communities safe.

With the 2022 election, District 47 has an opportunity to finally be at the table with leadership when major decisions, such as funding for rural broadband and preserving our waterways to mitigate future flooding, are decided. I believe that we need bold leadership that will take the Robeson County values of a good work ethic, respect, and humbleness to Raleigh.

As a former United States Marine, being a public servant is not about titles, but securing a more prosperous and safer future for our communities. I humbly ask for your prayers and support in this election."